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A New Competitive Club

Gaming and school have never coincided with each other very well. Game Club is aiming to change that. This new club at Caldwell Career Center Middle College provides an area where school and games can coexist. It is a very welcoming area for students to come together and play games. Not just video games, the club encourages students to play board games and card games as well. Students can bring their own school appropriate games to play in a group of other students.

The students have been enjoying this new club. It provides students an opportunity to challenge themselves and compete with others. Students are playing games like Chess, Sorry, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Positive behavior and teamwork is reinforced during the club meetings. Students can be seen giving compliments to one another as well as tips to improve game play.

The club meets after school every other Thursday. The next meeting is Thursday, October 18.

(Photo taken by Andrew Pitts)

Seth Diaz & Bradley Williams