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The American History II  junior class in Mrs. Robinson’s room studied the time period of the 1950s towards the end of the fall semester. Students learned about the major historical incidents and individuals that changed the course of American and world history including, the Iron Curtain, Berlin Airlift, the Korean War, President Eisenhower, and the culture of the 1950s. Students also listened to 1950’s music and watched clips from the Golden Age of Television, such as I Love Lucy.

As their final project, students wrote “I AM” poems based on influential people from the decade. Students were given a list of people from all aspects of the 1950s. Students chose from political figures, artists, or musicians including Lucille Ball, James Dean, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Ernest Hemingway, Mickey Spillane, Harry Truman, Fidel Castro, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Nikita Kruschev.

The poems were displayed in the classroom for everyone to see.

Mrs. Robinson contacted our local 1950’s radio station, WJRI about broadcasting the poems on air. She also contacted Mr. Myers about recording the projects here at the Middle College. Mr. Myers had a brand new professional quality radio microphone and software that is compatible for use at the radio station. Mrs. Robinson used an outside judge to determine which poems should be recorded for broadcast. Those students were encouraged to make an appointment with Mr. Myers who then helped them record their radio spots.

These poems have been played three times each day on WJRI FM 100.5 and AM1340and will continue to be aired through March.