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2022 Test Scores

Happy Summer!!! Although we still have quite a few students here to retake EOGs, I'd like to explain how you can access Individual Student Reports (ISRs) in the Parent Portal. These ISRs are what we have printed in the past and sent home with students. They explain not only your child's score with a graph, but they also provide leveling information to help you understand what it means to be at "Not Proficient," Level 3, Level 4, or Level 5. To find this report:

1) Log in to Parent Portal.
2) Find State Test Results (click this)
3) Choose the test you want to see. This year's tests have a PDF, which is the ISR. When you click it, it would proceed to download it. Open the download and voila!
If you are having trouble accessing this report, email Mrs. Martin at
If you don't yet have parent portal and you would like to apply for access email Heather Wienbrock at