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Top 10 Reasons Caldwell County CTE Ranks among the Best!

February is Career and Technical Education Month®, or CTE Month®, to celebrate the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs. The Caldwell County Schools CTE program celebrates the success of its students and teachers during CTE month.

Below are 10 outstanding reasons for celebrating CTE:

  1. CTE Concentrator Graduation Rate of 99% exceeds the NC rate of 86.3%
  2. 97% of CTE Concentrator Graduates went on to post-secondary education or advanced training, military service or employment
  3. CTE graduates successfully placed 28.5% Four Year College; 36% Two Year College; 29% Employment; and 2.4% Military
  4. 80 CTE courses are offered in the Caldwell County Schools
  5. 14 Career Pathways are offered to students
  6. CTE students earned 145.9% credentials, ranking the district 14th in the State
  7. CTE students earned 3,640 total Industry-recognized credentials in 2017-2018
  8. CTE students earned Career Readiness Credentials: Platinum – 32; Gold – 98; Silver – 201, and Bronze – 154.
  9. 88.2% of CTE students passed technical skill assessments aligned with industry-recognized standards, ranking Caldwell County Schools 13th in the state
  10. The CTE program partners with local businesses and industry for job apprenticeships, summer camps, job shadowing and job ready.

Career and technical education, or CTE, is education that directly prepares students for high-wage, high-demand careers. CTE covers many different fields, including health care, information technology, advanced manufacturing, hospitality and management and many more.