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Digital Learning at the Innovation and Technology Summer Showcase

At the 1st Annual CCS Classroom Innovation and Technology Showcase held this week, teachers dedicated time during their summer break to learn more on the effective and creative use of technology in the classroom. 

"This technology showcase provided a variety of digital learning experiences," said Superintendent Dr. Donald Phipps. "The sessions covered a broad platform of technology topics mainly presented by our educators who welcomed the opportunity to share with their colleagues. It also introduced new, innovative techniques that we want to prioritize and practice in the upcoming school year."

More than 150 attendees participated in nearly 30 technology workshops that ranged from learning to use 3-D to teach sketching and basic drawing, building robots, computer programming and coding, to building a website.

"The summer learning opportunity was specifically designed for teachers in our district to learn and exchange ideas with their peers, earn digital credit, and embrace more technology that will enhance the educational experience of their students," said Phipps. "This was a successful start and we will continue to build on the scope and the depth of training each summer."

The CCS Classroom Innovation and Technology Showcase was sponsored by the Education Foundation of Caldwell County and Google, a school/business education partner.