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Support and Resources for New Teachers

Nearly 30 teachers new to the teaching field or new to the Caldwell County Schools are participating in a three-day orientation this week that will cover topics from school board policies to teacher evaluations to curriculum and lesson planning.

“During the Beginning Teacher Orientation, teachers were the recipients of specifically designed sessions on topics such as educator evaluation, classroom best practices, and human resource procedures,” said Dr. Bill Griffin, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. “Each beginning teacher has been assigned a mentor to assist them in promoting student success.”

On the third day of the orientation, teachers will visit the Caldwell Historical Museum in Lenoir and Teacher Treasures, a non-profit resource center that invites teachers to shop for school and classroom supplies at no cost to them.

“Teaching is not an isolated profession. Our job is to provide layers of support and district resources that beginning teachers can use to establish themselves and the framework of their classroom,” said Heather Puhl, Beginning Teacher Mentor and National Board Support Coordinator.