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The school district mourns the loss of Tim Hawkins, school board member, friend to many, and advocate for the Caldwell County Schools. After battling illness, Hawkins passed away this morning with his wife Shannon by his side.

Hawkins served on the Board of Education for 17 years, beginning his first term in 2002 and serving as Vice Chairman in 2010. 

“He was committed to the work and in his last days, he continued to attend Board work sessions and meetings,” said Superintendent Donald Phipps. “But to him, the role of Dad was just as important as serving on the Caldwell County Board of Education.”

“He attended all his children’s school events, and he was very proud of all their accomplishments,” said Duane Knight, school board member. “He did a good job in juggling his duties as a husband, father, businessman, and school board member. As a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), anytime we had a financial question we turned to him.”

During his tenure, Hawkins served successfully on the Finance Committee and in all capacities of a school board member. “He was my go-to person when I first came on the Board,” said Teresa Branch, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Education. “Tim was a kind, caring, and gentle soul - the perfect example of a southern gentleman. He always remained cool, calm, and thoughtful, and he always made decisions with the mindset of what’s best for students.”

School board member Joe Sims added, “He was a great leader in our school system and a huge advocate for our schools. He always wanted to do what was best for students, staff, and schools. As a colleague and a friend, he will be deeply missed. I’m honored to have been his colleague and friend over the past six years.”

“Tim was a wonderful person who raised a beautiful family,” said Ann Edwards, school board member. “One of my last memories of Tim was him sitting beside me at a Board meeting and proudly showing me a video on his phone of his daughter singing while his wife played the piano. As a great father, he cared deeply about our school students and demonstrated this caring in his decision-making. I will miss Tim and was proud to work beside him as a Board member.”

“When it came time for the school board meeting to be adjourned, we always looked at Tim, and he always made the final motion to adjourn,” said Duane Knight.

He adjourned his last meeting on Monday, September 9, 2019.