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Summer Bridge Academy

Students entering grades six, nine and twelve have registered to spend two weeks of their summer break at the Summer Bridge Academy scheduled for Monday, June 19 through Thursday, June 29. This summer program prepares students for prospective career paths, social interaction and leadership development in an effort to ease the transitional challenges of a new school environment.

“These changes can be overwhelming for some students,” said Donald Phipps, Superintendent. “The Summer Bridge Academy encourages students to make informed and responsible academic choices, to become more aware of their career options, and to learn essential qualities that will benefit them throughout their education.”

For the next two weeks, students will attend informative seminars, visit college campuses, and engage in STEM activities. They will also tour local historical attractions and learn more about governmental agencies and service organizations in Caldwell County.

 “This is an opportunity to not only become more familiar with the new school setting this fall but also to collaborate and build a foundational understanding of expectations at the next grade level,” Phipps said.  

During this experience, more than 80 rising sixth graders and approximately 20 high school first-year students and rising seniors are introduced to a variety of activities involving field trips, hands-on learning and team-building exercises. By design, these experiences will enhance learning through quality instruction and evidence-based practices.

In its second year, the Summer Bridge Academy is offered to middle and high school students at no cost to families. Breakfast and lunch meals are also provided, as well as transportation to off-site learning environments.