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School Board Honors National Board Certified

At the Board of Education meeting held on Monday, Jan. 8, the Caldwell County Schools proudly recognized the outstanding achievements of the most recent recipients of National Board Certification.

“We are extremely proud of their unwavering dedication to completing this national endorsement in the teaching profession,” said Superintendent Dr. Don Phipps. “Reaching this prestigious level of certification takes years of commitment and heightens their awareness and commitment to excellence in the field of education.”

Heather Puhl, national board certified coordinator and beginning teacher mentor at the School Board meeting, expressed admiration for the recipients.

"These teachers have devoted countless hours to improving their practice," she said. "They have engaged in continuous reflection, focusing on how to enhance student learning. We are fortunate to have such dedicated teachers in the Caldwell County School System."

The Board of Education recognized the following as the 2023 national board certified recipients:

Marie Brown, Baton Elementary

Maura Schaffer-Greer, South Caldwell High School

Jennifer Moore, Hibriten High School

Redeana Smith, Education Center

The four newest recipients bring the total in the school district to 302, each earning their national certification while serving in the Caldwell County Schools.

National certification includes demonstrating knowledge and skills through performance-based assessments, teaching portfolios, student work samples, videotapes, and classroom teaching and student learning analysis.

Maura Schaffer-Greer, social studies teacher at South Caldwell High School, said the experience was challenging.

“It challenged me and allowed me a chance to be more reflective in my teaching practice. I am grateful for the support I had within my school and from the county,” she said.

North Carolina continues to offer an attractive 12 percent salary supplement to teachers’ regular pay, good for the 5-year life of the certificate, and teachers are awarded eight continuing education credits (CEUs). The state also offers a low-interest loan to pay the $1,900 assessment fee along with three paid release days from normal teaching duties for new candidates to develop their portfolios. The State Board of Education awards a North Carolina teaching license to out-of-state teachers who are employed in North Carolina and who possess the national certification. Participation in the national certification process is voluntary.

“I was able to achieve national board status by working hard, having great mentors, and having the mindset that failure was not an option,” said Marie Brown, first grade teacher at Baton Elementary and 2023 National Board Certified Teacher.

The certification process is based on high and rigorous standards that evaluate teaching practice through performance-based assessments. The ultimate result is improved performance and achievement for students.