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School Board Designates Wednesdays as Remote Learning Day

In a Board of Education work session held today, school board members met with local health officials to discuss emerging health concerns in Caldwell County, and based on their input, the board voted to designate Wednesdays as a remote learning day in grades K-5 effective Jan. 4, 2021.

Students in elementary schools enrolled in face-to-face instruction will attend school four days a week with Wednesdays designated as a remote instruction day, so facilities may be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The schedule for middle and high school students will remain the same. Students in grades 6-12 will continue their assigned AA/BB schedule with Wednesdays as remote learning days for the same purposes.

During the work session, Superintendent Dr. Don Phipps presented current statistics and graphs depicting the number of students and staff that have tested positive or have been quarantined since August. “I want the Board to have an opportunity to see and discuss all the information that is available and to make the best decision as we move forward.”

Local health officials provided input on the current COVID cases and hospitalizations, and they concurred that the classroom is one of the safest places to be where safety protocols are enforced.

The Board reserves the right to reconvene and assess the situation as needed. Phipps said that he is concerned at the increasing number of cases in Caldwell County and encourages parents to develop a contingency plan if it should be necessary for schools to operate on a fully remote basis. “I want you to think about alternative plans if numbers continue to spike,” said Phipps.

Students will report to school on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021, the start of the second semester and the third 9-week grading period. The first day for students enrolled in the Caldwell Early College High School and Caldwell Applied Sciences Academy, the innovative high schools located on the Caldwell Community College campus, is Jan. 6.