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Pennell Serves as President of NCSBA

School Board Chair Darrell Pennell has served an essential role over the past year in guiding and championing educational excellence throughout the state as the President of the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA). He has led the organization in shaping the future of education, fostering teamwork among school boards, advocating for policy changes, and ensuring the best possible educational outcomes for North Carolina students.

As the highest ranking officer of the NCSBA, Pennell provides leadership, direction, and vision to the association. Serving as President since November 2022, he has participated in meetings in all eight educational districts in the state, recognizing the accomplishments of school boards and advancing the quality of education in North Carolina.

“It was important for me to be at each of these district meetings,” said Pennell. “Collaborating with school boards across the state has provided an opportunity for me to foster relationships, share best practices, and help school boards to work effectively in addressing challenges and creating positive solutions.”

His role as President involves a range of responsibilities and duties, all of which are geared toward supporting the continued efforts of school board members in North Carolina. Additionally, as President, he represents the NCSBA at various educational events, conferences, and meetings, both within North Carolina and at the national level.

Pennell said it has been an honor to travel across the state and not only represent NCSBA but also Caldwell County. “Having worked with many school districts, I have been in a position to serve as an ambassador for the Association and advocate for North Carolina’s public schools on a broader scale, which has been a benefit to our school district in Caldwell County. This experience also made me aware of the outstanding work, innovation, and creative learning environment in our schools. Whenever given the opportunity, I praise the accomplishments of the Caldwell County Schools,” Pennell said.

Since 2017, Pennell has been serving on the NCSBA governing board of directors. First as a committee member, then he was elected as Vice-President in 2020. The following year, he was voted in as President-Elect, and in 2022, he began a one-year term as President. He will serve as Immediate Past-President from November 2023 to 2024.

About the North Carolina School Boards Association:

The North Carolina School Board Association (NCSBA) is a non-profit organization that represents the state's 115 local boards of education and helps them effectively govern North Carolina's public schools. NCSBA provides leadership, training, and advocacy for school boards and promotes public education as a fundamental cornerstone of North Carolina and the nation.