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April 15, 2019


April 15, 2019

SAT word of the day is oncology (on KOL uh jee). The meaning of oncology is the medicinal study of tumors and cancer.

Example: The tissue was sent to the oncology department to check for cancerous cells.

Quote of the Day: “Each memorable verse of a true poet has two or three times the written content.” Alfred De Musset


Attention all bus riders that ride 123, 268, and 174

Starting this afternoon the following changes will be made:

If you ride BUS 174 and you live on Bear Trail Dr, Kite Dr, Beckys Dr, Harrier Dr, Tumbleweed or Whitetail Dr, you will now ride BUS 137.  In the morning, be waiting at your stop about 10 minutes earlier.

If you ride bus 268, you will now ride BUS 174 as 2nd load.  At the end of the day, you will report to the cafeteria and wait for Bus 174 to return to school and pick up 2nd load.  Your morning pick up time should not change, however, you will now load Bus 174.

If you ride BUS 123 1st load in the morning, starting tomorrow, you will be picked up 15-20 minutes LATER.  All BUS 123 riders will now only be 1 load.  2nd load riders, your time should not change.

Please see Mrs. Cooper if you have any questions regarding these changes.

These changes will be effective THIS AFTERNOON.

Robin’s Nest Change for Children. The Raffle for Mr. Styron’s parking place has been extended through today. Please see Mrs. Gurnsey to buy a ticket. .Our last day of any donations is Tomorrow!

"Attention all AFS members, we have only had two candy donations so far. Please bring in loads of non-chocolate candy for the kindergarten Easter egg hunts next week. We will need the help of any member who can stay after school on Monday and Tuesday to help stuff and sort eggs."

FATZ Spirit Night on Tuesday, April 16th from 5:00 - 9:00. All folks have to do is take a picture of the flyer on website, show to wait staff, telling them they are from West Caldwell, and we will get a percentage of their bill. Please help spread the word to everyone

Students: we are quickly approaching the deadline to order a yearbook! April 26th is the last day to order!! You can place your order online at Josten' or you can see Ms. Storie in computer lab 2 before Easter Break.

Mr. Hagan’s Creative Writing class is looking for a poem, artwork, or song that has been created by you for the Creative Writing Book, “Food for the Soul. Deadline is April 29th and must be submitted to Mr. Hagan’s.  


Jostens will be coming TODAY, April 15th to exchange the misprinted announcements.

Any senior planning to attend CCC&TI, please see the link on the West Caldwell scholarship page for CCC&TI scholarship information.  Most deadlines are April 15 and April 17. You can also see Ms. Guzman. There are also external scholarships on the webpage that have varying application deadlines.

Seniors, who identify as minority, and have financial need are eligible to apply for a scholarship from the Caldwell County NAACP for $300.  Please see Mrs. Wakefield today for the application.  Due May 10.


Teachers: Please release the men's tennis team at 10:00 today for the district tournament.

Soccer. Softball and Baseball will play at South Caldwell.

Lunch Menu:

Pepperoni Pizza

Chicken Pasta

French Cut Potatoes

BBQ Bean Bake


Baby Carrots