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May 15, 2019


May 15, 2019

SAT word of the day is inchoate (in KOH it). The meaning of inchoate is just begun; in an initial or early stage.  Example: Because the cancer was inchoate, the doctors were able to stop its spread.

Quote of the Day: “Don’t stop when you are tired.  Stop when you are done.” Anonymous


Just a reminder to students that you are to go to the cafeteria upon arrival to school until 7:20. After 7:20 you can then begin to walk. 

Any payments that need to be made for class dues, class debts, etc. will need to be paid with cash or money order.  We will not be taking any checks for the remainder of the year.

Please return all overdue books to media center or it will be placed on student debt by next week!

 Students, if you are interested in the $1250 monologue performance scholarship that will take place in the theatre after school TOMORROW please either email Mrs Hatton or come by room 343 to sign up. You will need to memorize and perform two 90 second monologues - one classical and one modern. You do not have to be a theatre student and the money can be used for any kind of future education - does not have to be theatre related.

We will be offering physicals to All eligible WCHS District athletes, (rising 6th-12th grade), TOMORROW, on Thursday 5/16/19 from 1:30-4:30 in Aux Gym.  This physical will be good for the 2019-2020 School Year. The cost of the Physical is $10.00.   Packets are available in the office. Each athlete will need to complete forms in the packet and bring with them signed by parent/guardian giving consent on the day of the physical. 

Cheer try outs will begin on tomorrow, May 16th and run through Monday the 20th after school.  Packet of information is located in the box of Mrs. Tammy Taylor’s door

There will be an informational Interest Meeting for those interested in being in Colorguard/Flagline with the WCHS Marching Band next year on Thursday, May 23, at 3:00 in the band room. Those interested need to be willing to practice and work with others, you do not need prior experience in colorguard and you do not need to be able to play an instrument. For further information, contact Lauren Phillips, Mrs. Rucker, or Mr. Shulstad. 


Please remind all seniors that they need to turn in their Senior Walk Forms to Mrs. Philyaw by this Friday so we can plan accordingly as to which elementary schools we will be visiting and to plan lunch as well. If you are planning to participate in the senior capping ceremony and your capper cannot climb stairs, please let Mrs. Philyaw know so that she can arrange for elevator assistance.

Students who need to reserve a handicapped seat for one of their six graduation guests should pick up a "Reserved Seating Form" from the senior bulletin board outside of Mrs. Philyaw's room.  These forms need to be returned to Mrs. Philyaw by May 31st.


All track uniforms need to be turned in to Coach Ramsey by Friday, May 24 or it will be turned in as a debt. 


Pepperoni Pizza

Italian Sub

Meat Balls Sub

Teriyaki Chicken Sub

French Cut Potatoes

Baby Carrots

Mandarin Oranges