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TRIO/ETS is a free, federally-funded program designed to help qualifying middle and high school students prepare for college. We work specifically with students who meet one or more of the following qualifications:
  • Demonstrated Financial Need (for example -- if you've qualified for free or reduced lunch in the past)
  • Learning or Physical Differences (this can include anxiety, ADHD, etc.)
  • Will be First-Generation College Student (this means that neither parent/guardian has completed a 4-year degree.)
TRIO/ETS works with Caldwell County Schools to meet with students; our Success Coaches visit the middle schools monthly and high schools weekly. We offer academic support, SAT/ACT prep, tutoring, mentoring, and more. We host after-school workshops to help with college applications, financial aid, and success skills designed to help our students succeed. We will take students to visit college campuses, cover college application fees, and help them fill out applications for schools and scholarships. But perhaps most beneficial of all -- TRIO provides a fun and supportive community for our students and their families. We take students on cultural field trips, host social events, and more designed to help foster connections and relationships. Additionally, we provide ETS students with free school supplies every year. And the best part? EVERYTHING is FREE!