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Open Enrollment for Student Transfers

Students have a choice either to enroll in the school that serves their home district or to apply for an approved transfer at an open school. If they choose the latter, the Open Enrollment for student transfers started today, and students will have until Feb. 28 to submit a transfer release application.

At the Jan. 14 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Dr. Donald Phipps recommended revisions to the school board policy that addresses student transfers: School Board Policy 4150 School Assignments. Phipps recommended changes in keeping with the state standards to operate schools in a safe and orderly manner by accounting for student placement at all times and through these revisions, the district can get a more accurate number of allotted teachers needed at each school, which is critical to planning responsibly for the following school year.

Students received a packet of student transfer forms and information. If students are interested in transferring to a school of their choice and they meet conditions specified in board policy, they must complete and submit the application by Feb. 28.

“We’ve revised the process to improve the overall, effectiveness of each school,” said Phipps. “For parents, it’s a simple, one-page application, and we encourage any student currently on an approved transfer or any student who would like to transfer, to complete the form by the deadline. Once the Open Enrollment closes, parents must show severe, extenuating circumstances to justify a student transfer.”

The district recently conducted a capacity study of each of the school facilities. Any school reaching a 90% capacity will be designated as a closed school.

During this Open Enrollment period, only three schools are closed to student transfers: Davenport A+ School, Lower Creek Elementary and William Lenoir Middle. All other schools are open to accepting approved student transfers.

Student transfer forms are posted online at

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