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South Caldwell Exceptional Children Attended Sims Family Community Event

For over 34 years the Sims family has opened their restaurant and hosted a free event for Exceptional Students and Mentally Disabled Adults in Caldwell, Burke, Lincoln, Catawaba and Alexander counties. This community event had well over 300 participants in attendance. 50 volunteers provided free food, dancing, and games bringing the community together for one very special day. They served over 320 hotdogs, 60 pizzas and 60 dozen donuts donated by Krispy Creme.

Participants recieved socks from Huffmans Hosery and stuffed animals made by the Craft Ladies at Dudley Sholes Baptist Church.  SCHS students danced well into the afternoon making the most of the day.

"It is one of the most uplifting things I have been involved with and it was entirely hosted by the restaurant and local church community." Pete Yount