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Family FAQs Related to the Upcoming ACT for Juniors

Q: When is the ACT?
A : Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020. The test is completely free, and students need to be present the entire day!

Q: Who has to take the ACT?
A: All juniors on the Future-Ready Course of Study. Juniors participating in the Occupational Course of Study
or NC Extended Content Standards will take alternate assessments aligned to their curriculum needs.

Q: What information has been shared with SCHS juniors and their families so far about the ACT, the
students’ current state of readiness, and available test prep/study resources?
A: Please see the links below for all related handouts and presentations.

--January 14, 2020--Family Informational Night -- S cores distributed for Practice ACT (11th graders),
PreACT (10th graders), and optional PSAT (9th-11th graders), along with a presentation to families to help
interpret the reports and understand next steps. Score reports and test booklets not picked up at the meeting
were distributed in homeroom on 1/15/20.

Score Interpretation Presentation
ACT Parent Night Handout for Juniors-2020
PreACT Scores Explained-2020
Practice ACT Scores Explained-2020
PSAT Scores Explained-2020

--January 27, 2020--ACT Success Kick-off Meeting for Juniors (make-up session on 1/30/20) -- Presented
information about taking the ACT test and sending score reports to colleges, the impact of test outcomes for
students, test prep/study resources and opportunities. Students received individualized test score details and
study focus area suggestions-ask your student to see his/her orange sheet!
Junior Class ACT Kick-off Presentation-2020
Example of Personalized Score Details and Study Suggestions (FREE RESOURCES HERE!)
Handout about Selecting Colleges to Receive ACT Scores & Average University Admissions Requirements
(students need to complete this handout and bring to the Feb. 20 pre-test registration session)

Q: Where can I find out the details about the changes in state laws related to ACT score outcomes that
were shared with students?
A: See Slides 9 & 10 in this presentation Junior Class ACT Kick-off Presentation-2020

Q: Are there exemptions to the state laws about the benchmark scores required?
A : It’s possible that there may be additional factors such as unweighted GPA and other select test scores that
could apply if students don’t meet the required Career and College Ready Graduate (CCRG) benchmarks.
However, those details are still being defined for us, which is why we can’t be more specific yet. We want
everyone to do as well as possible on the initial Feb. 25 test attempt because if the benchmarks are met in
math, reading, and English, then none of the remedial coursework will be required in their senior year.

Q: Can students retake the ACT on their own time and at their own expense if they don’t do well on the
February test to try to meet these new CCRG benchmark requirements?
A: We do not have that answer at this time, which is why we are encouraging all students to do their very best
on the February test. We will update this as soon as any new information becomes available to us