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Caldwell County Schools CTE Programs ROCK!

High School CTE Teachers,

The state-wide 2019-2020 Credential Report was released this week at the Virtual NCDPI CTE State Fall Conference. We have moved from 5th place to 3rd place for the percentage of credentials earned by students. In addition we also made the Top Ten list for Total Credentials earned (9th place). We made both Top Ten lists. Only 2 school systems made both lists (Gaston and Caldwell). This is incredible for a district our size to be able to join a top ten list with the largest districts in the state. Here's the data:
Total Credentials Earned:
2016-2017: 2,013
2017-2018: 3,640
2018-2019: 4,616
2019-2020: 5,195
This is the result of all of the hard work you do each and every day in your classrooms.