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Schools Prepare for Wintry Weekend

As the county anticipates single-digit temperatures and snowfall this weekend, the Caldwell County School System reviews its procedures to delay, close or early release schools due to winter weather conditions.

Whenever inclement weather causes a two-hour or three-hour delay or cancellation of school, the announcement will be made through several identified communication sources. Parents will be notified by 6:45 am – if it is a morning phone call – through the district’s voice-messaging system as well as receive a text message and an email. All parents are encouraged to keep their contact information updated with the school’s data manager, especially primary phone number and mobile numbers.

School delays and closures will also be announced on the Caldwell County Schools Facebook account, Twitter account (@Caldwellvoice) and over the local radio stations, papers and network television stations, as well as being posted on the Caldwell County Schools website at

In preparing for winter conditions and storms, parents are encouraged to dress their children appropriately. Below are suggestions for dressing for the season, provided by the North Carolina Emergency Management Agency and the NC Department of Insurance:

  • Wear multiple layers of thin clothing instead of a single layer of thick clothing. This provides more warmth, and layers can easily be removed to remain comfortable.
  • Wear a hat; most body heat is lost through the top of the head.
  • Mittens are warmer than gloves.
  • Cover mouth with scarf to protect lungs from directly inhaling the extremely cold air.

Tips for protecting your home before the storm:

  • Clear sidewalks and entranceways
  • Keep gutters free of leaves and debris, so ice dams do not occur and cause water leakage into your home
  • Let facets drip slowly so water will move and prevent pipes from freezing
  • Winterize your home by sealing windows and doors, and adding extra insulation

Tips for protecting your car:

  • Check hoses, battery and antifreeze levels
  • Keep gas tank filled to prevent condensation from forming, which could cause the fuel line to freeze.

If you have pets, below are suggestion for their safety:

  • Bring pets indoors (if possible), into the house or garage, to provide warm shelter
  • Provide plenty of warm bedding or adequate shelter if outdoors
  • Provide fresh water, additional food and ensure the water does not freeze. Use a plastic dish to prevent the pet’s tongue from freezing to a metal bowl.
  • Check underneath the car hood for small animals (like cats) that may have crawled inside seeking warmth.