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Hibriten District Hosts School Board Walk Through

Chairman Pennell talks to William Lenoir Middle School students about virtual courses. Board of Education members enjoyed visiting with students, teachers and administrators during their second scheduled Walk Through this school year, which gives them an opportunity to move about as a group and experience the uniqueness of each school.

The visits held this week involved Kings Creek School, Hibriten High, William Lenoir Middle, Lower Creek Elementary, Horizons, Valmead Elementary, West Lenoir Elementary, and Davenport A+ School. 

As Board members arrived at each school, they were greeted by principals who gave them a quick status report and highlighted some of the most recent accomplishments. They were then led through the hallways of the schools discovering firsthand the personalized instruction and hearing from students and teachers about newly implemented programs.

“I feel like this approach allows us as Board members to become more familiar with their educational setting,” said Board Chairman Darrell Pennell. “We want to travel to their place of work and their place of study and express our gratitude for their commitment to education and show our support for all the good that goes on every day in our schools.”

The Walk Through format replaces the Community Board meetings held at the three traditional high schools with their respective feeder schools. The regular Board of Education meetings will continue to be held on the second Monday of each month, starting at 6 pm at the Education Center in the Board Room. The public is always welcome to attend.