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Gamewell Middle Teacher Named the NC Teacher to Watch

Scott Cooke, science teacher at Gamewell Middle School, has been named the 2017 North Carolina Middle Level Education Teacher Scott Cooke, science teacher at Gamewell Middle School, has been named the 2017 North Carolina Middle Level Education Teacher to Watch by one of the state’s largest, most prominent organizations for providing support, resources and recognition for middle level education.

In the three years Cooke has taught at Gamewell Middle School, Principal Anna Crooke said that his impact on students has been tremendous, and he goes well above what is expected to show support for his students and colleagues, who readily assisted in nominating him for this statewide recognition.

“Mr. Cooke is a committed teacher who has outstanding performance in the classroom,” said Crooke. “But one of Mr. Cooke’s greatest strengths as a teacher is to weave his instructional responsibilities as a teacher with his sense of purpose to grow Gamewell Middle School’s students as future ready citizens.”

Cooke started a Gamewell Middle School Philanthropy Club this school year that has resulted in 8th grade students wanting to do more for their community. “The club is about enabling students to become more aware of their surroundings and the needs that are in their community and among their peers,” said Cooke. “They lead the charge with ideas and suggestions, and I help them to organize a response by planning and securing the necessary resources to provide assistance.”

Within several months of its establishment, the Philanthropy club has organized closets at the Caldwell Women’s Shelter, prepared breakfast for firefighters at the Gamewell Fire Department, held fundraisers throughout the school year in support of the Caldwell Animal Shelter, met critical needs of families within the school population, and identified a long range goal for a campus garden and a greenhouse.

Cooke relocated to this area from Michigan, after he graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education/middle school emphasis. He taught school in Michigan for two years before moving to western North Carolina with his family.

The North Carolina Middle Level Education organization focuses primarily on the areas of academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, social equity, and organizational structures and processes.

According to the organization, “many, many submissions, from all across the state” were reviewed for the Teacher to Watch Award, and the NCMLE awards committee was pleased to select Scott Cooke of Gamewell Middle School.

On Tuesday, March 7, Cooke will be in the spotlight at the NCMLE Conference in Greensboro as the recipient of the 2017 Teacher to Watch Award, an honor that recognizes some of the most deserving educators in North Carolina.