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Denny Key Wins 2017 Volunteer of the Year

Denny Key VOY of the Year Collettsville Elementary volunteer Denny Key was presented the 2017 Caldwell County Schools Volunteer of the Year Award at the 22nd annual Volunteer of the Year luncheon sponsored by Blue Ridge Energy, as top volunteers from each school were recognized for outstanding volunteer contributions.

Described as a person who wants to make a positive impact on students and create a legacy by setting the right example and by showing that a difference can be made with giving of one’s time, Denny Key is known throughout the school as volunteer and coach. He built the entire softball field and a storage building near the field.

“And let’s not forget the endless number of hours of field and grounds preparation,” said Sandra Hicks, Director of Member Services of Blue Ridge Electric.  “He also volunteers as the head of the basketball league for Collettsville, maintaining 11 to 15 teams through the school, organizing the league and spending his full-days on Saturday to provide Collettsville students the opportunity to play the sport.”

“He tells students, it’s not always about winning but being a better you,” said Hicks.

The Volunteer of the Year award is referred to as the Lorraine S. Mummert Volunteer of the Year, in memory of the late Lorraine S. Mummert who volunteered in the Caldwell County Schools for 14 years until the age of 93. She was quoted during the luncheon as saying: “At the age of 93, I think the message is as long as we are able-bodied, we are never too old to do something to help another. Maybe I should put that another way. As long as we can do something for someone else, we are more apt to stay able-bodied.”

The Caldwell County School System offers a systemwide volunteer program called PAVE (People Actively Volunteering in Education) for parents, grandparents, business partners and upstanding citizens to volunteer in the Caldwell County Schools. Last school year, more than 54,000 volunteer hours were recorded.