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Administrators Focus on Digital Learning Environments

Administrators working together on digital technology School principals, assistant principals, and district administrators are learning new strategies and best practices to leverage digital tools and resources in the classroom.

The digital training sessions are offered this school year at the Education Center. The Educational Program Services Department and the Human Resources Department jointly facilitate the supportive platform among administrators to further develop a positive culture of learning that seeks continuous improvement among staff and students through learner-centered environments equipped with appropriate learning resources, including digital technologies, to meet the diverse needs of all students.

"Our Digital Learning Sessions are excellent opportunities for Ed Center administration to collaborate with school level administration on the best ways to meet the diverse needs of all our students," said Katie Elliott, Facilitator and Assistant HR Director.

Some of the main topics addressed during these training sessions include 21st Century classroom set-up and design; student-centered learning to meet diverse needs; and effective use of technology to differentiate instruction.

“This training is awesome,” said Craig Styron, West Caldwell High School principal. “Anytime I can collaborate and work with my colleagues, it’s a win-win experience.”

School Administration collaborating on digital tech ideas