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Donors Provide Funds for Exploring Community through Poetry

Carly Schwartz, elementary teacher in grades 3-5 at Davenport A+ School, received full funding of a proposal submitted through for all of Davenport's third graders to participate in a poetry writing workshop with books by author and guest speaker Laura Sedlacek.

"My students are enthusiastic learners who strive to be at school because of learning opportunities that introduce them to the world beyond what they see in their daily lives," said Swartz.

She said that she selected Sedlacek because she now resides in the district and she has written and published a collection of poems about places that students might typically take for granted such as an old building, a local restaurant, a grocery list, or an ordinary person.

“Novelist and poet, Laura Sedlacek offers a unique opportunity for our third-grade students to learn about and poetically express their feelings about the community in which they live,” said Swartz.