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Retirees Recognized during Drive-thru Celebration

During a two-day, drive-thru retirement recognition event, the school district honored the dedication of 64 retirees with more than 1,500 total years of service in public education.

Retirees drove by the Education Center today and on Tuesday, and they were greeted with service awards, smiles, air hugs, Blue Moose coffee, Chick-fil-A, goodie bags, and many congratulations from School Board members and Superintendent Dr. Donald Phipps.

"Thank you to the retirees and all the accomplishments they've achieved over the years," said Phipps. "We are grateful for their outstanding service, and we hope the next steps in their lives are wonderful and fulfilling. Our retirees are most deserving of praise and recognition."

Congratulations to the following faculty, staff, and administrators who retire this school year:

Celeste Creaseman Whitnel
Lynn Potter HMS
Candis Hagaman CECHS
Lloyd Hatley Maintenance
Mike Swanson WCHS
Susan Chandler Sawmills
Kathy P. Kirby SCHS
Janet Grant Valmead
Cherry Moss SCHS
Rosalie Grayson Simmons OHS
Gene Helms GFES
Sandra Huffman OHS
Tommy Smith SCHS
Debra Rogers DSES
Regina Houk GES
Pamela Wilson Duncan Baton
Vickie Jennings SCHS
Gwynda B. Clawson SCHS
Martha Ann Gilbert SCHS
Donna Fellers GMS
Freda Calloway HMS
Tony Crump SCHS
Dolores Cupo SCHS
Jamie Ingle Ed Center
Nancy Smith CECHS
Phyllis Moody Coll
Denisa Kent GES
Maria Klein GES
Stephen D. Kirby GFMS
Jennifer Duncan HES
Martha Fair HES
Rebecca W. Parsons HES
Helen Ragsdale HES
Kimberlin Dula LCES
Tammie Holden Sawmills
Lenita Pope Sawmills
Nancy Baker Valmead
Lisa Abernathy GES
Jim Phillips HVS
Anne Wilcox GES
Pam Walker Hibriten
Patricia Maltba GMS
Emma Walters PreK
David Colwell Hibriten
Keith Hindman SCHS
Carolyn French Valmead & WLES
Laurie J. Skates GFMS
Jameia Branch WCHS
Debra Craig Helton HES
Gwyn H. Laws LCES
Jill Duffy Ed Center
Beth Johnson Baton
Carolyn Lail Coll
Carol Ann  Bingham Davenport
Lisa Winkler Davenport
Kelly Bolick DSES
Sheila Brown Gateway
Suzanne Fann GFES
Leslie Fleming GFES
Phyllis D. Atwood HES
Joan Renfrow HES
Virginia McGarvey HVS
Eric Wilson OHS
Cameron Riddle WLMS