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Curbside Meals for Qualifying Families

During school closure and over the summer months, the Child Nutrition Department prepared and distributed approximately 1.1 million meals to youth and children ages 18 and younger funded by N.C. Summer Nutrition Program and federal emergency assistance. Lunch and breakfast meals are now served daily in school, and meals will continue to be distributed weekly at designated sites. For qualifying households, these meals are free or at a reduced price.


Students began school in either the hybrid instructional AA/BB program or the full remote option – Caldwell Connect. For those opting to enroll in face-to-face instruction two days a week, breakfast and lunch meals are served at school as well as to all kindergarten and first-grade students attending school four days a week. The Child Nutrition Department is providing a 3-day meal packet (3 breakfast/lunch meals) for the remainder of the week for any AA/BB student who is a qualifying student based on the USDA’s National School Lunch and School Breakfast program application. For students who are bus riders, they may receive their 3-day meal packet on Tuesdays and Fridays prior to boarding the school bus. Parents may request this service through the online site – Meals Sent Home on Bus – on the district website at They may use this same site to cancel services at any time.


All non-passengers in grades 2-12 or students enrolled in Caldwell Connect are invited to participate in the curbside meal distribution on Wednesdays from 11-1 pm and 4-6 pm at the following sites: Granite Falls Elementary (main parking area) and in the bus parking area at Hudson Elementary, Gamewell Elementary, and Davenport A+ School. To receive the 3-day meal packet at no charge, students must qualify under the National School Meal Program. Meal packets are also available for purchase at the regular breakfast/lunch prices: K-5 - $10.05; 6-8 - $10.65; and 9-12 - $11.40.


The curbside format allows adults to safely exit their vehicles and collect food per child. Parents should be prepared to provide their student’s names and attendance schools to verify qualifying services.


Parents are also encouraged to complete the online meal application if there is a change in household income. Go to Paper copies are available in any school administrative office but only one copy – electronic or paper – must be completed to be considered.