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2022 Beginning Teacher Conference

Novice teachers participated in professional development at the 2nd Annual Learning Without Limits Beginning Teacher Conference for elementary teachers held on Tuesday at the Hudson Uptown Building, specifically planned to address the needs of those new to the teaching field.

The school district’s two beginning teacher mentors Nancy Phipps and Heather Puhl coordinated the event and both mentors expressed that during the sessions, elementary teachers were able to learn from district leaders and connect with other beginning teachers from across the district.

“This professional development opportunity enhanced the instructional practices of our teachers and reinforced their passion for education,” Puhl said.

Beginning teachers assigned to elementary schools had the opportunity to learn how to use policies and data to enhance instruction and to develop an understanding of how to make social emotional learning part of the daily classroom experience.

With more than a dozen sessions geared toward professional growth, the event also offered classes on personal development, such as money management and relationship building.

The conference concluded with a panel discussion with the superintendents of the school district that extended the challenge, “Go Ahead and Ask Me.”

The Middle and High School Beginning Teacher Conference will be held on Tuesday, March 22, at the Freedman Center in Lenoir.