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National School Psychology Week: Nov 7-11

In recognition of National School Psychology Week, Nov 7-11, the tremendous value of a highly skilled team of school psychologists is highlighted during this week of national celebration.

“They receive specialized training focusing on psychology and education,” said lead school psychologist Dara Barnes. “Their goal is to enhance students’ ability to learn, through the support of academic, social, behavioral, and emotional skill development as well as teachers’ ability to teach, through collaboratively strengthening and improvement of instructional and curricular practices.” 

School psychologists collaborate with families, teachers, school administrators, and support professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for diverse learners.  

This year’s theme for National School Psychology Awareness Week is “Together We Shine”.

“The focus for the school district is to connect and collaborate with others in order to highlight each person’s contribution and show that we are stronger together,” Barnes said. 

Caldwell County Schools has four school psychologists serving 24 schools, enrolling nearly 11,000 students in addition to an online program. A part-time school psychologist is assigned to the preschool program.