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Teachers Complete National Board Certification

The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards recently notified four teachers in the Caldwell County Schools that they had completed the highest certification process in the teaching profession. Marcia Kinley, assistant principal at Granite Falls Middle School; and teachers Kayla Pitman, Davenport A+ School; Amanda Trivett, Sawmills Elementary; and Meredith Watson, Hibriten High, now hold the distinguished, professional certification of a national board teacher.

“We are extremely proud of them for their commitment and dedication beyond their regularly assigned scope of duties and responsibilities and for all who have earned this national endorsement in their teaching careers. Reaching this rigorous level of certification may take years to complete,” said Superintendent Dr. Don Phipps.

The four newest in the school district with National Board Certification join 288 of their colleagues who became national board certified while serving in the Caldwell County Schools.

"Candidates who engage in the National Board Certification process work extremely hard to analyze their practice and reflect on how they are intentionally meeting students' needs,” said Heather Puhl, national board certified teacher, beginning teacher mentor and national board certified coordinator. “This is certainly a huge accomplishment for these teachers and the Caldwell County School System."

National certification includes a demonstration of knowledge and skills through a series of performance-based assessments, teaching portfolios, student work samples, videotapes and analyses of classroom teaching and student learning.

North Carolina continues to offer an attractive 12 percent salary supplement to teachers’ regular pay, good for the 5-year life of the certificate, and teachers are awarded eight continuing education credits (CEUs). The state also offers a low-interest loan to pay the $1,900 assessment fee along with three paid release days from normal teaching duties for new candidates to develop their portfolios. The State Board of Education awards a North Carolina teaching license to out-of-state teachers who are employed in North Carolina and who possess the national certification. Participation in the national certification process is voluntary and certification is currently available to educators in more than 20 different fields.

The certification process is based on high and rigorous standards that evaluate teaching practice through performance-based assessments. The ultimate result is improved performance and achievement for students.