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High School Registration for 2023-2024 Courses

High School Curriculum Guide

High school students in grades 9-11 are now registering for classes for the 2023-2024 school year. Each high school has scheduled a timeframe in January and February for registration. Students may select courses that are interesting to them and are aligned with their pathway of study and post-secondary or job readiness goals.

All high school students must meet minimum state and local graduation requirements to earn a diploma and graduate. These graduation requirements – at least 22 credits - are considered the Future-Ready Course of Study requirements and prepare students for whatever pathway they choose after graduation, whether in the workplace, college or the military.

For juniors and seniors who have set their sights on post-secondary pursuits or job readiness certifications, they are encouraged to participate in the Career & College Promise (CCP), which is North Carolina’s dual enrollment program. This program allows eligible students to enroll in college classes at North Carolina community colleges and universities through their high school. Students who successfully complete college courses earn college credits they can take with them after graduation. In many cases, students can also earn dual credit — meeting high school graduation requirements with college courses.

Through CCP, students who are taking courses in Career & Technical Education (CTE) may begin a certification or diploma program in a particular technical field or career area.

High school students opting for online learning at Caldwell Online Academy will begin parent information sessions for high school students on January 31, 2023. Elementary and middle school sessions will be held in February. The application window is Feb. 1 through Mar 31, 2023. 

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