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STEM Bus Stands Out at Regional EXPO

The Code on the Go bus was a standout at the Innovation Expo held today and sponsored by Appalachian State University's Public School Partnership and the Reich College of Education. School districts in Northwest North Carolina were invited to share an innovative project, and Caldwell County Schools displayed its STEM bus which is designed as a creative solution for engaging students in authentic learning opportunities.

“Code on the Go STEM program is an innovative program designed to provide Caldwell County students with the opportunity to learn computer science, coding and mobile app development that will help them gain key skills in high demand in future economies,” said Amy Philyaw, STEM Director and Grant Writer.

During the event, the STEM bus received accolades and impressive comments from participants. “Our dean wants to buy a bus just like yours for our Math and Science Ed Center and our Lab Schools,” said Betsy Rosenbalm, Director of Public School Partnership. “You are inspiring!”

“The focus is on empowering students to create and contribute – not just use and consume – in the digital economy and to actively engage as informed citizens in our complex, technology-driven world," Philyaw said.