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Education Partnership Collaborates to Strengthen Teacher Pipeline

In an innovative collaboration, Caldwell County Schools, Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute (CCC&TI), and Appalachian State University have joined forces to establish a comprehensive and seamless teacher pipeline aimed at cultivating and nurturing the next generation of educators in Caldwell County Schools. The NC Educator Pipeline Collaborative revolutionizes the trajectory of aspiring teachers, providing a robust supply of qualified educators who are equipped to inspire and educate future generations.

“This initiative will provide current school district full-time employees the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degree in education,” said Dr. Bill Griffin, Caldwell County Schools’ Assistant Superintendent in Human Resources. “Leaders from all three educational institutes have worked diligently to produce a rewarding opportunity for each selected participant, and plans are in place to continue this process for many years to come.”

The collaborative will present each selected candidate with financial assistance, strategic courses designed for the working adult, technology equipment, and a career opportunity upon completion.

"Appalachian State's Reich College of Education continues to be so thankful for the partnerships and collaborations that are so easily forged with Caldwell County Schools and CCC&TI,” said Betsy Rosenbalm, Director of the Public School Partnership. “This Teacher Pipeline Initiative was created out of a place of trust and a mutual mission to identify, support, and produce high quality educators to serve students in Caldwell County Schools."

Under the visionary leadership of Superintendent Don Phipps, CCC&TI President Mark Poarch, and Terry McClannon, App State Associate Dean of Reich College of Education, this partnership seeks to address the critical need for well-prepared and passionate teachers in Caldwell County Schools. By bridging the gap between K-12 education, community college, and university-level teacher preparation programs, the pipeline aims to create a continuous pathway for individuals who aspire to embark on a fulfilling career in education.

For more information on the teacher pipeline initiative, contact the Caldwell County Schools Human Resources Department at 828.728-8407 or go to