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Family Math Activity

It's time for a family math activity! Are you ready?

Coming home with all Kinder through fifth grade students is a math folder to help support parents in understanding the grade level math curriculum and practicing math with students at home. In the link below you will find Math problems/videos for each grade level. Utilize the folders and the strategies within them to help find the solutions to each problem. Complete this form one time for all students and grade levels in a household. You will need to complete one section per child in each grade level. Please skip to the sections that apply to your family (example: Section 2: Kindergarten; Section 3: First Grade; Section 4: Second Grade; Section 5: Third Grade; Section 6: Fourth Grade; Section 7: Fifth Grade) Be sure to answer the questions and submit your form so your child gets signed in for this helpful family engagement event and you have the opportunity to check out what they are learning. If you have any questions please be sure to reach out to your child's teacher.