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Parent Access for Canvas or Google Classroom

Parents: You can gain access to your student's Canvas account or Google Classroom to monitor their completion of assignments. 
For Canvas: 
1. Download the Canvas app to your phone. 
2. Obtain a 'pairing code." You can get this code from your student's teacher for more access within the app or your student can create a "pairing code" that will give you limited access. Please see the attached videos for assistance with gaining Canvas access. 
For Google Classroom: Your student's teacher will need to send you an invitation to join the class. 
1. Send the teacher an email requesting access to Classroom. 
2. You must provide your email address for the teacher to invite you. 
3. You will receive an email notification to click to join the classroom. Once you click "join", you will be able to see your student's progress. 
4. Classroom will also send you summaries of your student's progress. 
If you need help, please email your students teacher or contact the school.