Below is the testing schedule. This will be the general schedule but please know that if students have more than one EOC, then they will be taking their second EOC on Thursday morning. 
This is not a normal test schedule and classes are out of order so please begin sharing this schedule with students to make sure that everyone knows when they will be testing. 
12/14 and 12/17= Teacher Made Exams
12/18 Tuesday AM = all EOC's
12/18 Tuesday PM = 2nd period NCFE's and CTE's
12/19 Wednesday AM = 1st period NCFE's and CTE's
12/19 Wednesday PM = 3rd period NCFE's and CTE's
12/20 Thursday AM = EOC Make-ups and 4th period CTE's
12/20 Thursday PM = 4th period NCFE's
12/21 Friday AM = Make-ups