Transfer Information


Employee Transfer Regulation


Transfer Philosophy


Caldwell County Schools recognize employees have various personal or professional needs that may best be addressed by transferring employment within the school district.  Transfers may be the result of a personal request or the result of a system imposed involuntary move. All assignments and transfers of employees to schools are the responsibility of the Superintendent.  In-school transfers are the responsibility of the principal. The Caldwell County Board of Education shall be notified of all employee transfers authorized by the Superintendent.


Voluntary Transfer Process

(Certified employees only - There are no restrictions on voluntary transfers of classified employees)

Lateral transfers are available to classroom-based certified employees from 5/1/2019 to no later than 10 business days before the opening of the academic year/first teacher workday.  Commitments or contracts will not be considered once the transfer window has closed.


Employees can apply and be considered for available positions during this time frame.  In TeacherMatch, internal employees will be marked with a green rocket icon. All applications will be treated confidentially, with no notification of the application being sent to the employee’s current principal.  


If the principal with an appropriate vacancy is interested in an internal transfer candidate, an interview will be conducted with the employee requesting the transfer.  If an employee from the transfer list is selected as the top candidate for the school, the principal shall contact the employee’s current principal for a reference prior to submitting the recommendation for employment.


Eligibility for Voluntary Transfers


All certified employees of Caldwell County Schools shall have the right to request a lateral transfer with the following exceptions:

  • Employees who have received a voluntary transfer during the preceding school year.


  • Teachers with less than two years experience in Caldwell County Schools, unless granted permission by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.


  • Employees who are on an action plan for improvement/not in good standing unless granted permission by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.


Involuntary Transfer Policy

(Certified/Classified Employees)

In order to maintain an effective school system, Caldwell County Schools may involuntarily transfer employees from one school to another.  The Superintendent may assign school employees in any manner that he/she deems appropriate and consistent with legal requirements. The Superintendent must approve all involuntary transfers.

Involuntary reassignment occurs when the Superintendent directs either reassignment apart from any voluntary action by the employee or when an employee consents to be reassigned at the specific request of the Superintendent.  The Superintendent shall provide the employee and principals involved the reason(s) for the decision to reassign.

 If it is deemed necessary by the Superintendent to involuntarily reassign an employee based on course requirements, fluctuating enrollments, allotment, efforts to improve student performance, or for the general welfare of the school system, the employee to be reassigned will customarly  be the last one hired unless: 

  • The Superintendent has other appropriate reasons that benefit the school system and are consistent with legal requirements.


  • The present assignment of the employee requires special expertise/skills essential to the school (Ex.; NC Pre-K and Exceptional Children's’ employees)


  • The employee with a higher demonstrated performance may supersede other employees that are rated at proficient or better.


  • The employee is on an action plan for improvement/not in good standing(proficient or higher).  


  • An involuntary transfer of the employee has occurred within the past 3 years.


*Note* - Directors of Specific programs have the right to appropriately transfer employees based on the needs and general welfare of the school system.