Inclement Weather Information

 If school is delayed 

If school is delayed, staff members are required to report to work at least 30 minutes before students arrive or the start time of the facility.  Individual principals may have different requirements in order to meet the needs of their school; please defer to your principal or site supervisor on delay start days.

 Ed Center employees should report at least 30 minutes prior to the announced delay.

Inclement Weather Guidelines

If the school building is closed for students - Remote Learning Day/Optional Workday for Employees

Per Policy 7550: Absences Due to Inclement Weather

On a day that employees have the option to report for a workday but pupils are not required to attend school due to inclement weather, employees have the following options:

  1. report to work; In person / Telework with supervisor permission.

  2. take accumulated annual leave;

  3. take accumulated personal leave, if available (teachers only);

  4. take leave without pay;

  5. use compensatory leave already accumulated; or

  6. make up the time missed (see below for make-up guidelines).

 Inclement Weather Make Up Guidelines

 Effective December 15, 2020

 For 10 month Employees:

  • Employees are to be given the option to make up time missed due to inclement weather, if they elect.  “With permission of the principal” implies that the make-up time, or event credited for time, must be approved to count towards make-up time, not that the principal is to approve the request to make up the time. 
  • Please work with employees to make sure that they have every opportunity to make up time if requested.
  • Make-up time for employees, not exempt from Fair Labor Standards laws, (non-certified employees) will be made up hour for hour and not at time and a half. 
  • Non-exempt employees will sign out of TimeKeeper and use the attached Inclement Weather Time Sheet to record make up time.
  • Make-up time documentation must be kept on file at the school for all employees making up time (exempt and non-exempt.) 
  • By definition, make-up time must occur after the missed day.  

 There are several make up options that may be used: 

  1. Employee works on day(s) school is closed, delayed or early release for inclement weather and will not have to make up time; or 
  2. Employee elects to use annual leave for missed days/time; or
  3. Employee elects to make up the missed day(s)/time; or
  4. Employee may use accumulated comp time  - non-certified staff ONLY; or
  5. Employee may take No Pay as an option for the missed day/time.


For 11 and 12 month Employees:

Eleven and twelve-month employee workdays are not governed by the ten-month calendar (other than specified holidays.) When schools are closed and work is missed due to inclement weather, eleven and twelve month employees have the following options: 

  1. Report to work; In person / Telework with supervisor permission.
  2. Take annual leave; or
  3. Use accumulated comp time; or
  4. Make up the day; or
  5. Take No pay option for the day.

 All inclement weather make-up time must be documented on the Inclement Weather Timesheet (certified and non-certified staff).  All timesheets are to be turned in to the payroll/lead secretary and remain on file at the school of a period no less than 12 calendar months with the current school year documentation.  Because missed time is paid at hour for hour, make-up time will be earned on an hour–for-hour basis and not at time and a half.

If school is closed for staff and students

Employees should not report to work. The Board of Education will determine how the day will be made up at a later date.