Additional Professional Development Resources


Caldwell County provides various professional development opportunities throughout the year.  Our mission is to improve classroom instruction and school leadership through specific, intensive, research-based professional development that includes support, practice, follow-up, feedback and evaluation.


National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


NCCAT - The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching provides high-quality professional development to teachers across North Carolina.


NCEES Wikispace - This wiki supports North Carolina educators with the policies and practices of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES). On this wiki site you will find many resources to aid in understanding and using the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System.


NWRESA - The Northwest Regional Educational Service Alliance provides quality staff development and technical assistance for member public school systems in northwestern North Carolina. Inservice is conducted region-wide for all educators or within individual systems or schools. Regional workshops in the core curriculum areas of reading, writing, math, science and socia studies are offered, as are sessions in media, technology integration, learning styles, curriculum alignment and all aspects of education. Technical assistance and consultation are available to individuals, schools and LEAs by special request or appointment.


Caldwell County Schools Professional Development Forms  

Professional Activity - Request for a Substitue PD-1
A teacher who participates in a professional activity for his/her school or school system and for whom a substitute teacher is required, the Professional Activity - Request for a Substitute form must be completed.  The form also requires funding and administrative approval in advance.

Approval of Non-CCS Activity PD-2
This form is used for an individual to enroll in a Certificate Renewal Course or Activity.  Courses or activities must be relevant to the individual's area(s) of licensure or area(s) relevant to school improvement.

Proposed In-Service Activity PD-4
This form is to be used to propose in-service activities that will be conducted at the different sites in our school system.  The proposal is to be submitted to the personnel director for prior approval if license renewal credit is to be requested.  The form is completed in triplicate for the personnel office and for the site administrator's records.  The third copy is submitted to the personnel office with a listing of persons who completed the staff development activity.  Forms are available in the Human Resource Services Department.

Independent Study Activity
Licensed employees who request completing an independent study for continuing education units must complete an appropriate application and must follow procedures established for this purpose.

Independent Study Prior Approval Form PD-8

Criteria for Independent Study PD-9

Independent Study Checklist PD-10