Permanent full and part-time employees receive pay for the same number of legal holidays occurring with the period of employment as those designated by the State Personnel Commission for state employeees.  Ten month employees normally receive 10 or 11 paid holidays and twelve month employees receive twelve.


Annual Leave (Vacation)

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Permant full and part-time employees eran annual leave on a monthly basis if he/she works or is on paid leave during one-half or more of the workdays in the monthly pay period.  Eligible part-time permanent employees earn leave equal to their percentage of full-time employment.  Unused annual leave can be accumulated and a maximum of 30 days carried forward to the next fiscal year.  Every year on July 1st, any accumulated annual leave in excess of 30 days is coverted/rolled over to the employee's sick leave days.  


Years of NC Service

Days Earned per Month of Employment

Less than 5


5 but less than 10


10 but less than 15


15 but less than 20


20 +




Sick Leave


Permanent full and part-time employees earn one sick leave day per month of employment, if the employee works or is on paid leave during one-half or more of the workdays in a monthly pay period.  Sick leave may be accumulated indefinitely.  Upon retirement, accrued sick leave may be applied toward creditable state service. 


Personal Leave


Personal leave is earned only by permanent full and part-time classroom teachers and media coordinators who require substitutes.  This leave is earned at the rate of 0.2 days for each full month of employment not to exceed two days per year.  Unused personal leave may be carried forward from one year to another and may be accumulated without limitation until June 30th.  On June 30th, personal leave in excess of five days is converted to sick leave so that the maximum of five days are carried forward to July 1st.  Upon retirement, any personal leave in excess of five days may also be converted to sick leave days.  


Extended Sick Leave


Extended sick leave is available only to classroom teachers and media coordinators who require substitutes if they are absent due to their own personal illness or injury in excess of their accumulated sick leave and available vaction leave.  In order to be eligible, the employee must be in a permanent full or part-time position.  Those qualifying are allowed extended sick leave of up to 20 workdays throughout the regular term of employment less a substiture deduction of $50 per day.  This deduction is madatory whether or not a substitute is employed.  Extended sick leave is not available beyond the waiting period of either Workers' COmpensation or Short-term Disability.


Child-School Involvement Leave


All employees may take up to four hours of unpaid leave per year to attend or otherwise be involved in the school of a child for whom they employee is a parent, guardian, or person standing in loco parentis.  


Other leaves


Other leaves available to employees include:  Voluntary Shared Leave, Jury Duty, Court Attendance, Parental Leave, Family Medical Leave, Military Leave, and Leave of Abscence Without Pay.  For more information, please visit the State of NC Human Resources Leave Page.  



Leaves of more than 10 days should be requested through TimeKeeper.