March 19


This Thursday, the 7th and 8th grade bands will be traveling to Lenoir-Rhyne University for MPA (Music Performance Adjudication).  The 7th grade will be performing at 10:00am and the 8th grade at 12:05pm- both in PE Monroe Auditorium.  You are more than welcome to attend and admission is free.  We will be leaving immediately after the 8th graders perform to go to the food court at Valley Hills Mall for lunch.  The goal is to be back before 3:05, but there is a slight chance we won’t make it back in time.  If we are going to be late, I will have your child call you and let you know.  If this happens, please make arrangements to have them picked-up by 4:00pm.  Obviously, I will never leave your child unattended and will stay with them as long as needed, but after a long day, everyone would like to go home. 


Thank you for your understanding and hopefully this won’t be an issue.