Winter concert

November 20


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Thursday, December 12 all bands at GFMS will be performing at the Winter Concert.  This concert is a little different than in the past.  First of all, the concert is at South Caldwell High School in the theater. Secondly, performances will be split into two groups. Sixth and Seventh Grade will have their concert at 6:00.  Eighth Grade and SCHS Symphonic Band will have their concert at 7:30.  Jazz Band will perform in between the two sections.  Students are NOT required to stay to watch both sections perform, but are more than welcome to stay if they would like.  This performance is required of ALL students in Band at GFMS.  Any student missing the concert must have a written excuse and will have to play their music for a grade.   


Dress for the concert will be a white collared shirt or blouse, and black pants or skirt.  Shirts must be “tucked in.”  A tie for the gentlemen is suggested, but is not required.   Black dresses will also be acceptable for ladies as long as they meet school dress code.  Visit the Band Handbook on my website ( for more details.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 


The concert will be in the South Caldwell High School Theater and admission is $3.