2019-2020 Classroom Supply List

2019-2020 Classroom Supply List



16 count crayons                                            (2) boxes of tissues                               

pencil box (5 x 8 size, no zipper pouches)     (2) large erasers           

towel for rest time, labeled w/name               (2) rolls of paper towels                   

pack of yellow, #2 pencils                               set of headphones, not earbuds         

book bag- normal size, no wheels, labeled w/ child’s name

glue sticks                                                        scissors                     

primary journal for writing


Items you may choose to donate: gallon size Ziplock baggies, Clorox wipes


1st  Grade

sturdy book bag, no wheels  

small plastic pencil box (5 x 8 size, no zipper pouches)  – labeled with child’s name

(2) glue sticks                                                 (1) pack pencil top erasers

(2) one subject notebooks                               (1) box of tissues

(1) 1” 3-ring binder                                         (1) roll paper towels

 crayons, 16 count                                           (1) pair of child scissors

 pencils, not mechanical                                 ear buds

(1)pack thin dry erase markers                      


2nd Grade

(2) packs of #2 pencils, no mechanical          (1) pack of glue sticks            (1) box tissues

(1) 3 ring binder, ½ in.                                   scissors                                    Clorox wipes

crayons, 8 or 16 count                                    5 x 8  pencil box, no keys       Baggies:

set of headphones/not earbuds                       (2) wedge erasers                     Sandwich or

book bag, no wheels                                       (2) spiral notebooks                  Gallon sized

pack of wide ruled paper                                pack thin dry erase markers

pack of colored pencils                                   (1) three subject, wide ruled notebook

pack of 5 tab dividers

Items you may choose to donate: tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer, Expo markers  




3rd Grade

dry erase markers                                           (1) pkg. index cards, 3 x 5

pencils                                                            (3) glue sticks

(1) pack wide ruled, loose leaf paper              scissors

(1) twin pocket folder, no binders                  paper towels

(2) one subject, wide ruled notebook              Ziplock baggies, any size

(2) boxes tissues                                             hand sanitizer

highlighters                                                    headphones/earbuds

crayons, 8 count                                               



4th Grade

book bag, standard size no wheels                 (1) set of headphones 

(2) wide ruled, 1 subject spiral notebooks     hand sanitizer

(1) zippered pencil pouch                               paper towels

(1) 2” three ring binder                                   (8) glue sticks

(1) pair of scissors                                          (1) pack of 24, #2 pencils, not mechanical    

(1) pack wedge erasers                                   (12) wide dry erase markers

(2) boxes tissues                                             (2) packs wide ruled, loose leaf paper


5th Grade

book bag, standard size, no wheels                (8) glue sticks

(2) packs wide ruled, loose leaf paper            pack of highlighters

(1) 2” three ring binder                                   (1) 24 pack #2 pencils, not mechanical

(1) zippered pencil pouch                               (1) pack wedge erasers

(1) pair of scissors                                          (12) wide dry erase marker

(1) set of headphones                                     paper towels

(2) boxes of tissues                                         hand sanitizer


6th  & 7th Grade

(1) spiral bound, one subject notebook          hand sanitizer

(3) packs pens                                                 (4) AAA batteries

(3) packs pencils                                             pack of pencil top erasers

(2) packs of loose-leaf paper, college ruled   (3)thread bound, college ruled notebooks

(3) boxes of tissues                                         (1) Clorox wipes                    

(2) 2” three ring binder with pockets             (3) folders w/fasteners in middle

         Heavy duty (no trapper keepers)           TI 30XS Multiview Calculator


Please bring 1 or 2 items:   ziplock baggies-gallon or sandwich sized, paper towels                                                                       


8th Grade

 (4) twin pocket folders                                   pack of 4  AAA batteries

 pack of ink pens, variety of colors                pack of #2 pencils or mechanical, .7mm lead

(4) threadbound college ruled notebooks       earbuds



Please choose 1 or 2 items to donate :  Clorox wipes, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, whiteboard markers