Important Information for the 2020-21 school year


  • It is important that students check their school email daily!! This needs to happen beginning Monday, August 17th for ALL students! 
  • In order to access school email, go to the Gateway homepage, click on “Students”, and click on “Student Email”. 
    • The user name is the student’s first name, first initial of their last name and last 3 numbers from their lunch number. (For example, JosephJ111.)  
    • Students have set their own password. 
    • If students need their email password reset you may call the tech support line at (828)728-8407 ext. 14122.  Please begin checking email on Monday, August 17th!! This is especially important for students that will not be in the school until Thursday, August 20th.


  • There are NO microwaves available for students to use for lunchtime.
  • Students will be eating lunch in the classrooms. 
  • Visitors will not be allowed at this time. 
  • Due to current conditions, students can not bring in food items to share with classmates.


  • Masks MUST be worn at all times inside the building other than when students are eating lunch. 
  • If students choose to wear a face shield, they must still wear a mask under the shield. 
  • While students must wear masks on the first day of school, four additional masks will be provided to each student in case they need replacements throughout the year. 
  • Students will not be able to borrow items from teachers - for example they can not borrow pencils, glue sticks, etc. 
  • Students will also not be allowed to borrow from or share items with other students. 
  • Each student will be provided with a personalized pencil pouch 


  • If students bring cell phones or other technology to school, they collected and powered down as they enter the school and returned at the end of the day.


    • Students will not be allowed to enter the school until 8:00am.
    • Temperatures will be taken beginning at 8:00am. Students can NOT be dropped off prior to having their temperature taken and must be wearing their mask before the temperature is taken.
    • Each student will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Students will not exit their vehicle until their temperature has been taken. Any student found to have a fever will not be allowed into the school. 
    • Dismissal is at 2:30pm. Students are picked up in front of the school in the horse shoe shaped pick up area. 
    • Students may not walk off campus to meet their ride. 
    • Car riders will wait in their classroom until their name is called.


    • All students must be wearing a mask prior to getting on the bus and must keep the mask on the entire time they are on the bus.
    • Students will have their temperatures taken as they exit the bus. Any student found to have a fever will be taken to the office and parents will be contacted to pick the student up.
    • Bus riders leave at 2:25pm.
    • Bus riders will be escorted to and from the bus to ensure they maintain proper social distancing.