Home School and Private School Student Options


Are you the parent of a HOME SCHOOL student?  You'd like to teach them at home; however, there are some courses that you think that your child would be more successful with other students and a teacher with that specialty?

You have options.  Middle and High School students enrolled at least half-time in their home school may be able to attend social events and/or participate in extracurriculars such as sports or clubs. (Dependent upon availability.)


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Online Enrollment (Dual Enrolled Private and Home Students)

To begin the Dual Enrollment process, all Private School and Home School families who are seeking to dual-enroll students in Caldwell County Schools must complete the Online Application.  

This application can be found at the Caldwell County Schools homepage.

.  Directions for accessing the form are:


  • Select “Parents” headers;
  • Select “Parent Resources” tab;
  • Select “Online Registration" tab;
  • Read the General Information & Required Documents sections;
  • Complete Online Registration form.