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Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks for Level 3 Volunteers

Volunteers who are interested in serving as a chaperone, math tutor, reading buddy, volunteer coordinator or instructing students after school in club activity, etc., are required to have a criminal background check prior to participation. In these specific areas of volunteerism, applicants must also have prior permission from the school administrator before completing the online application.

Level 3 Volunteers:

  • Chaperone for School Activity
  • Community Use Volunteer
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Lunch Buddy
  • Math Tutor or Reading Buddy
  • After School Activites/Instruction


Volunteers are Welcomed in the Caldwell County Schools

Volunteer Coordinators and school office personnel are available at each school to assist parents with completing the online volunteer application form. Any volunteer who selects a Level 3 must have an approved criminal background check before an assignment begins. For all other areas of volunteer activities, Level 1 or Level 2 volunteer opportunities, a criminal background check is not required.  These activities include Athletic Boosters, Classroom Projects, School Fairs/Festivals, Field Day, Concessions, Test Proctors, Clerical Assistance, and many other areas of volunteer service.

For volunteers who are approved by the school administration for Level 3 participation, there is no cost to the volunteer for processing a criminal background check, except for Community Use Volunteer. The criminal background check is effective for seven years.  If any indiscretion, suspicious activity, or criminal charge of a school volunteer is brought to the attention of the principal or superintendent's office, a criminal background check may be reprocessed and conducted at any time.

Volunteers receive electronic notification of approval or disapproval for Level 3 volunteer participation based on the findings of the criminal background check.