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Graduation Requirements

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction High School Graduation Requirements

All public high school students must meet minimum state graduation requirements to earn a diploma and graduate.  These graduation requirements are considered the Future-Ready Course of Study (FRC) requirements and prepare students for post-secondary success.

All students must earn at least 22 credits in the Future-Ready Course of Study to graduate from high school.  The Future-Ready Course graduation requirements ensure that a student is prepared for life and whatever pathway they choose after they graduate, workplace, colleges/university or the military. 

The Occupational Course of Study is available for those students with disabilities who are specifically identified for the program and has adapted course requirements and the same credit requirements as FRC.  

Although the state requires a designated number of courses and credits for students to graduate high school, local school districts and other public school units may require additional courses and credits to graduate.  Families and students are strongly encouraged to check with their high school to determine if their district and/or school have additional requirements for students to earn a high school diploma.

Visit the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction High School Graduation Requirements for specific course requirements for each course of study.