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Mission Statement

Graphic with Dollar signsThe mission of the Caldwell County School System Finance Department is to oversee the legal and ethical requirements of the school system's financial operation. This includes accounting, purchasing, accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivable, and the investment of funds. The Finance Department must manage the budgetary constraints placed on the System by the local School Board and the State of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. We must invest school funds based on the limitations placed on all units by the North Carolina State Treasurer. Employees and vendors must be paid in a timely and accurate manner. All purchasing has to follow the policies and procedures set forth by the North Carolina Purchasing and Contracts Division.


Purchasing Information

Please be aware that the turnaround time for requisitions to be processed as purchase orders is from 3-5 days. Please plan ahead. Please check the link site for E-PROCUREMENT HELPFUL TIPS and Contracted Services Form.

Tax on Purchases- Items that are exempt from tax include the following: postage, registration fees, services (labor), etc. All purchases are to include tax even if the vendor is out of state and does not charge the tax on their invoice or quote. We are required to pay sales tax to the state of North Carolina. Please be sure to include tax on shipping charges/cost. This tax will have an effect on your budget


You should have an example from the previous year for claims regarding accident/incident report for Boiler & Machinery. You will no longer be required to complete the accident/incident claim for GL & Auto/Garage. You are responsible for getting the injury/incident report to Kevin Brittain (auto) or myself (GL) as soon as possible and we will complete the claim forms. This should be no later than 1 day from the incident. Claims are now filed online. It is very important that you provide as much information on your incident and/or injury report. If you have an auto claim you will need all driver information and information on the other driver (if applies). If you have questions, please contact Kevin Brittain. For student injury or other incidents, you may choose to use the injury report or if you have one your school/site would rather use that is also fine.