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Kindergarten Readiness Information

Kindergarten Readiness Information

Kindergarten Class

When many parents try to prepare their children for kindergarten, they often focus on trying to teach the same skills the child will be learning in kindergarten, such as colors, numbers, and letters.  Instead, focus on helping your child and family to prepare for this significant life milestone by visiting the National Association for the Education of Young Children's page transitioning to kindergarten.

We, at Caldwell County Schools, are prepared to support your child's learning and are eager to meet the many families getting ready for this next step.  The best way to help your child's learning before kindergarten is to encourage the child's curiosity and learning in many ways, about many things. This includes reading bookstalking about the world around them, and answering their many, many questions.

How do I know my child is ready for school?

As long as your child meets the birthdate requirement, schools will be prepared to meet his/her individual needs.  Kindergarten teachers know that children come with many different abilities and experiences.  Schools have many different resources and support to help each child find success.  Be assured that, if there are questions, our teachers will work closely with you to address your concerns and to learn about your child's unique needs.  Our goal is to help every child fulfill his/her potential. 

Registering Your Child For Kindergarten

To register your child for Kindergarten in Caldwell County Schools, please review the following information.

Registration is held in the spring of each year.  A child entering Kindergarten must be five years old on or before August 31 of the year he/she is presented for enrollment.

**Attention Parents: Kindergarten Open Enrollment Will Begin February 1st. All Parents Wishing to Submit a Transfer Request Will Need to Complete the Kinder Enrollment First Before Making the Request for a Transfer. Please Call the School Your Child Will Be Attending with Any Questions Concerning Enrolling Beginning February 1, 2024.  

  • Students enrolling in Caldwell County Schools must reside within the geographical boundaries of the school district.  If you are unsure which district you are in, you may find this information at the Caldwell County Government GIS webpage.  Once on the webpage, follow these steps:

    1. Enter Property Address.  For the word Street, use St; Drive is Dr; Court is Ct; Circle is Cir; etc.
    2. Select Search.  Once you have confirmed you have the correct address, you will need to find your assigned school district.
    3. Select the Layers tab. Scroll down.
    4. Select Elementary School Districts. The map to the left will show the assigned school district.
  • Caldwell County Schools accepts out-of-district students, assuming space is available (fees may apply). Information for transfer requests can be found on the Caldwell County Schools Student Services webpage.

  • For parents to register their child in kindergarten, they should bring the following documents to the Kindergarten Screening:

    • Personal and emergency information;
    • Verification of birth date -- a certified copy of the child's birth certificate or other satisfactory evidence;
    • Proof of residence (i.e. current utility bill, property deed or rental lease); and 
    • The child's updated immunization record.

    North Carolina law also requires that every child have a completed Kindergarten Health Assessment  form on or before the first day of school, but no more than 12 months before the date of school entry.  Kindergarten Health Assessment Forms are available at schools and/or the Caldwell County Health Department.

  • Each child completes a formal screening prior to kindergarten enrollment to help schools prepare for meeting every child's needs.

    • Children who are enrolled in preschool in a North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten (NCPK) classroom will have the screening completed in their classroom.

    Children who are NOT in the NCPK program will need to attend a screening at their school. Screenings occur between mid-April and mid-May.  Families will need to contact their school in mid-February to schedule a date and time for screening.

  • Each school will schedule a makeup date before teachers leave for the summer.  Contact your child's school immediately to learn about available times.

    If you have questions, please call the school office where your child will be enrolling.